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7 Reasons To Travel in the Next Rotations Around the Sun


1. Fall In Love

Yachats, Oregon

I fall in love with all the new places I go and all the new people I meet. I fall more and more in love with my family as I mature and realize how much I have taken them for granted. I fall in and out of love with myself. I fall in love all the time.

Kylie Kuhns



2. Feel the Rush

Koh Samui, Thailand

My favorite place to be is on my way to somewhere new. Traveling has taught me so much about who I am and who I aspire to be. I live for the rush that fills your body when you enter uncharted territory. I love how being pushed so completely outside of your comfort zone can teach you some of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn. I cherish every memory and individual I’ve met along the way. Traveling reminds me to never stop dreaming, and for that I am forever grateful. “Maybe it won’t work out, but maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.”

Cali Hawk



3. Overcome Your Fears

Moab, Utah

I live by the idea that we learn best when we challenge ourselves to try new things and explore new places even if it is scary. It is this (traveling) that gives me the ultimate rush. I’ve gotten lost plenty a time and each time is it’s own adventure and learning experience. Having a sense of open mindedness opens doors while traveling, but by also having a sense of fearlessness, even more doors are opened.

Nicole Arnold



4. Invest In Yourself

San Francisco, California

Traveling takes so many different forms. My favorite way to travel is by getting invested in the city’s way of life by living in it for a month or so. Through this, I make meaningful connections, learn about the city through experiencing it and let it evolve me. Think of yourself as a collage; all of the places you’ve been gave you something to paste onto the masterpiece that is you. I have always been a floater, and making friends has never come naturally to me. With traveling, the universe has always brought me the exact people I need to meet at that moment. Then, we part ways and we’re both better for it. Traveling is true freedom. I can always settle down but for now I’ve got to travel while I’m foolish and capable.

Sydney Divley



5. Meet New People (Including You)

Accra, Ghana

I like to travel because it gives me the opportunity to experience a life and a culture outside of my own. When I travel, I love meeting new, interesting people. Interacting with them helps me to learn more about different cultures and introduces me to new perspectives and ways of life… while also helping me seeing the beauty in my own. The more I interact with different people in different places, the more I see pieces of myself in others and pieces of others in me. The more I travel, the more I learn and grow, and feel grateful for this amazing, beautiful world.

Carrie Berry



6. Raise Your Consciousness

The Grand Tetons, Wyoming

As I sit and write this piece to share with you, I reflect back on my day that I just experienced. It was an ordinary day on an “average” work schedule, about a week in from getting off of the road. Today I very simply went to an ecstatic dance class, filled with humans that I had not experienced ever before, and then met someone new for coffee. As I reviewed my gratitude for the day, I finally (and unexpectedly) realized what I love about travel. I love the people. To be clearer, not just the people… but the connection. The newness. The process of getting to know someone.

We are all filled with different pieces: memories, histories, pains, holes, fire, patches, water, wind, earth and stars. We all have things to offer one another; everything that makes us up, internally and externally. The more that we are able to offer our selves up– and receive– the more we expand our minds. Grow our consciousness. Awaken.

And as we undergo the beautiful, and yet (at times) very painful process of waking up, we understand that we create our experiences

piece. by. peace.

Calen Otto



7. Oh Snap, We Forgot Number Seven!

We couldn’t just end by handing you another piece of someone’s story. You’re in on this one too.

What are you looking for through your travel experience this year? What will you be carefully and wildly creating and crafting?

We’d love to hear! Connect with us on Instagram and share with the community what sets your passion for travel on fire each #WanderingFriday.

Don’t feel like sharing? No worries, mate. This is a wonderful opportunity to do some quiet reflection and set intention for your upcoming travels.





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