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Arrested for Stopping a Truck at the World’s Largest Slaughterhouse

**Content Warning: Police Brutality

See the action for yourself:

About Smithfield’s Impact

“Smithfield Foods is the largest “pig producer” in the world, with large scale farms and slaughter operations across the US and Mexico. Smithfield kills over 31 million pigs per year for an estimated $15 Billion in annual revenues.

Smithfield’s slaughterhouse in Tar Heel, NC is considered the largest pig slaughterhouse in the world, killing about 33,000 pigs every day.

Pigs are the largest “agricultural product” in North Carolina, adding at least $2 billion to the economy. But Robert Kennedy Jr. has stated that industrial pig operations like Smithfield, “are more dangerous for our health and democracy than global terrorism.”

“Industrial pig operations like Smithfield produce manure that contains over 150 pathogens that are toxic to humans, responsible for thousands of premature deaths and $Billions in healthcare costs.

There are 10 million people in North Carolina and 9 million pigs.

Billions of gallons of pig feces, urine, blood and rotting pig body parts are collected in open cesspools each year in North Carolina:

  • 37 schools in North Carolina are within 2500 feet of a cesspool.
  • 288 churches are within 2500 feet of a cesspool.
  • 136 public water wells are within 2,500 feet of a cesspool.
  • 170 cesspools are within the state’s 100-year floodplain.”

Information shared from Save The Animals Save The Earth‘s article, “The Truth About Smithfield Foods“.

Read more about Smithfield Foods impact on birth defects, disease, premature death for North Carolininas, enviormental destruction and devastation to local wildlife. 

About The Police

“The police are 21st century fugitive slave catchers. Just as they were when they first arose two hundred years ago from the dark shadows of America’s racial history.

The capitalist system was built off the labor of enslaved Africans. And racism was created as the one of the system’s ideological justifications. And police were created as the system’s enforcers.

American police have for generations used animals to protect the system of capitalism; which is the source of the oppressive social-political conditions facing the world today.”

“While animal rights activists believe in the personhood of all animals, the state believes in the personhood of only those animals which it can use to legitimize its violence. “Animals are not the perpetrators of violence; they are the victims of violence,” says activist Laura Schleifer.”

Information shared from Collectively Free’s article, “A History of Animal Use by American Police“.


Why does it matter?

The impact that Smithfield has on the world around us is horrific. It is destroying the environment, exploiting human minorities, and crushing the health of the public. On top of that, it’s taking countless lives each day for no reason. Individuals are being murdered minute by minute behind their walls.

There are countless ways to get involved and help bring an end to these horrors.

Will you join us?




Cover photo taken by Eninahs Oelce. Thank you to all of the activists who were there to bear witness and protest at the RISE UP event!


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